Artist Fund — $500,000 available for emerging talent
AMPS token

AMPS - Powering AmplifyWorld

AMPS are our proprietary way of rewarding, incentivising and building passive income for both artists and fans. They’re designed to enhance in-platform interaction and fan experience.

With AMPS, fans can:

  • Earn rewards: Fans can earn AMPS by completing missions, such as promoting artists' pages, subscribing to artists channels and engaging with the artists community.
  • Unlock exclusive experiences: Tokens and NFTs grant fans access to gated experiences, such as VIP chats with artists and exclusive content.
  • Earn passive income: Tokens can be staked using our proprietary staking protocol, allowing fans to passively earn while supporting artists.

For artists, AMPS provides:

  • Monetization opportunities: Artists can leverage the token economy to generate revenue through merchandise, and ticket sales within the AmplifyWorld marketplace.
  • Community engagement: By incentivizing fan interaction and rewarding participation with AMPS, artists can cultivate dedicated fan bases and drive sustainable income streams.

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