Creating a link

Step 1. Give us a link, we’ll do the rest

The quickest way to create a link is to paste a link to your track from one of the major services listed in step 1 and hit ‘Find’, we will then find a match for your track on the other services in a matter of seconds.

It is strongly recommended that you paste a link to your track from either Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music or Google Play Music.

YouTube and Soundcloud links will work, but they are much less reliable due to the way the titles are formatted.

After you have clicked ‘Find’, your results will appear showing you what we have found that looks like a match for your track on your selected services. It’s a good idea to click ‘View link’ at this point to double check we have the right track.

Once you’re happy click ‘Next’ to progress to Step 2.

How to get a link to your track from a major service

Spotify - Hover over your track and click the three dots that appear, then select ‘Copy Song Link’ from the dropdown box.

Apple Music / iTunes - Find your track using Link Maker ( ), copy the ‘Direct Link’ towards the bottom of the page, which will look something like this:

Google Play Music - Hover over your track and click the three dots that appear, then click ‘share’ from the dropdown, and copy the link. It will look something like this:

Didn’t get the results you wanted?

Not to worry. You can manually add a link for any service that we did not find a match for, and override any of the results in case they are not correct.

Remember, step 1 is just for adding the ‘major 6’ services (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play Music, Soundcloud and YouTube). All other services must be added on the next page in Step 2.

Step 2. Add other services (optional)

This page is where you should add any other services that we cannot find automatically.

Note: If you do not wish to link to any services other than those found in Step 1 (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play Music, YouTube, Soundcloud) then you can just click ‘Next’ and skip this page entirely.

We support almost every service under the sun, so just begin typing the name of the service you want in the box, select it from the dropdown and click ‘Add’.

A new box will appear for that service. You must then paste a link to it manually in the ‘Enter link’ box.

You can add as many services as you want by repeating the above steps.

Step 3. Customise

This is the last step in the process, and where you can edit how your link page appears. There are a number of options, from choosing the right artwork, to adding an ‘about’ section, choosing to show social links, website link and profile image, to choosing to embed a video or audio stream on the page itself. You can even re-arrange what order your chosen services appear in, or delete them entirely.

All options are explained on the page. Once you are happy you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Preview Link’.

Step 4. Link preview

Preview how others will see your link page. If you’re happy you can go ahead and create the link, if not then simply go back and edit any options or links as necessary.

You can edit links at any time, so don’t worry if you create a link page and want to change any aspect of it at a later date.