Our mission
To be the leading brand in marketing for artists and creators, providing the best tools and knowledge to connect artists and creators with their audiences.
How do we do that?
Beautifully simple tools that amplify your creativity and delight your fans
Powerful insights and expert knowledge to guide your journey
Forge deeper connections with your fans and expand your reach
Our story
The year is 2016
Releases from the likes of Frank Ocean, Beyoncé and Drake are taking the world by storm.
Hip hop is ever popular, with unique local flavours flourishing across the globe. Even so, with music production becoming increasingly accessible, the internet and social media breaking down barriers and with traditional gatekeepers becoming increasingly redundant, the musical landscape is more diverse and richer than ever before. From Johannesburg to St. Petersburg, authentic voices and sounds are emerging and developing. We lost two irreplaceable icons in David Bowie and Prince, and yet somehow it feels like music is in a good place.
Bristol, England
Energised by our experiences in this vibrant city, and inspired by its rich cultural heritage, our founders are running a young digital agency with lofty ambitions. Just over a year into our journey, working wherever we can within the music and creative industries, a client came to us with a problem. As an independent artist, he wanted to know how to effectively share his music online. This discussion spawned an idea, and we set out to build a smart linking tool to meet our own high standards. After almost a year of development, Amplify.link was released to the world. Free, easy to use and with beautiful landing pages, we had achieved our goal.
Powering up
Fast forward to 2019. Amplify.link has been steadily growing and now has a strong and loyal userbase, but hasn't evolved much at all in the way of new features. Still running an agency day to day, we recognise that the time is now to commit ourselves to this project. We set to work, laying out plans for where we want to take things. After many, many hours of discussions, and with documents brimming with ideas, a new vision takes form. What started life as a simple smart linking tool, we realise can be so much more. In this new paradigm, with a focus on ownership and independence, we can empower an entire generation of artists and creators. Now for the hard part — actually building it.
Our vision
A world where artists and creators are empowered, well paid, and free to realise their full creative potential. Allowing them to engage with their audiences genuinely and meaningfully.
Amplify.link 2.0
With our new vision in mind, and our sights firmly set on the mammoth task ahead, we embarked on our mission to entirely rebuild Amplify.link, estimating it would take the best part of a year. That year, was 2020. Just a few weeks into our journey, the pandemic took hold, and the world shut down around us. Under strict lockdown, financial uncertainty and personal challenges, we persevered. Frankly, it was just about all we could do. COVID-19, while devastating, serves as a wake up call, and brings sharply into focus what is important to us as people, and as a business. We will emerge with even stronger resolve and renewed sense of purpose.
Our values
Providing tools and knowledge to empower artists and creators worldwide.
Transparency in everything we do and why we do it.
Social and environmental, we believe businesses can be a force for good.
Supercharge your growth