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One platform to distribute, promote, and manage your fan relationships


Smart links and pages that represent you. From pre-save, to release and beyond—We have you covered.


Collect and own your audience data. Build community and reward your most loyal fans on your terms.


Build a sustainable income from your fan base, and keep 100% of your royalties with Amplify Distribution.


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Who we are

"I've made a success out of my music career and I wanted to found a business that helped artists earn more money, grow their fanbases and help the grass roots scene worldwide."

Ian Matthews (Kasabian)

Amplify Founder, Chief Music Officer


Smarter link pages

Make an impact every stage of your release campaign—and far beyond

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Link to your music and content across all streaming platforms and elsewhere on the web.



Hype up your fans for new releases and preload your launch day success.


Bio link

This is your stage. Easily add your latest releases, merch, socials, videos, links, and more.

Bio link


Sell tickets to your event or tour. Link to any provider, and enrich your page with media, embeds, shop, email capture and more.



Reward your fans for joining your email list, following you or subscribing to your content.


Your music marketing studio_


Your online presence:

Smart link pages

Bio link page


🌐 Broadcast your latest music and content to fans



Collect fan data

Add your tracking pixels


Make better decisions with rich fan data


Sell merch

Get subs

Get tips


Maximize your revenue at every fan engagement. Web3 & crypto coming soon.


Reward fans with gated content


🔒 NFT unlock and other ways to engage coming 2023

We're dedicated to helping artists earn more Read our roadmap

Features for growth

Supercharge your growth, fan engagement and build recurring revenue with our powerful add ons.

Collect fan emails

Ask fans to join your mailing list

Sell merch

Place products on your smart link pages, link anywhere

Use your own domain

Run pages through your personal domain, or claim your own subdomain on

Add remarketing pixels

Add tracking pixels and remarketing codes to your pages

Get monthly subs

Encourage monthly subs through Paypal and Patreon

Get tips directly

Receive money from fans straight to your bank account.

Our users say_


I use Amplify for the releases on both my labels - as well as looking so much better than all the other options, it also provides great analytics and a super-streamlined workflow. Would recommend whole-heartedly.

Sam Binga


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