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Amplify is free

We are building a decentralized organisation, owned by our community. Our tools are free to use for everyone, everywhere.

Our vision

To build a new economy for live music, putting musicians, technicians, promoters and venues at the heart of our model, enabling them to earn long after the gig has ended.

How and why?

This model will take advantage of the fast-developing Web3 tools and platforms including NFTs, DeFi, and self custodian wallets. We will earn the right from you our community to introduce these tools in easy-to-understand ways, enabling all of us to benefit from these solutions, not just the tech-savvy.

This starts with us removing the barrier of payment. We want you to use our tools to grow your audiences and revenues.

We do have an ‘ask’ though, we would like you to join our community on Discord and share your experiences, adding value to our community.

Join us on Discord

In the coming months, we will be launching our governance and access token, distributing this to our active community members based on their contributions. Help us shape this community and you will be rewarded. We need Ambassadors across the globe to share in our vision.

We also have Founding Member NFTs available for those who would like to be Amplify OG. There will only ever be 1880 of these. Ownership guarantees you a voice in our community as well as VIP gig access, name engraved in Chapel Slate amongst other benefits.

This is the start of your live music community

Team Amplify