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Perfect for aspiring and professional artists. Boost your earnings and grow your audience.



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Full ownership of your music.
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No limits

+ Full styling and branding options


All page templates

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Amplify branding removal

+ add embeds to your pages, custom artwork and more


Receive tips (0.5% fee applies)

Get subs and donations (Paypal / Patreon)

On-page shop

+ crypto payments, NFT creation, gating, add your own affiliates and much more coming soon!

Growth tools

Email subscribe pop up (Mailchimp, more coming soon)

Spotify follow button

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+ much more coming soon

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Using your own personal domain is easy with Amplify


All tracking code/pixels (Google, Facebook/Meta, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok)


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All features, no limits

Artist profiles

Up to 3 For your other projects/brands

Exclusive partner deals

20% off Daily Playlist Get your music on influential playlists


For labels, promoters and industry professionals. Build brands and monetize your audiences.



Everything in Pro Plus+

Artist profiles

Up to 30 profiles

Music distribution

Full ownership of your music.
Keep 100% of your royalties

Event and tour pages

Single day events

Multi-day events and festivals


Link to all your ticket providers, get fan data, track performance, and much more


Dedicated account manager


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