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Amp up your music marketing

Promote your music across all major streaming services with a single smart link

One link to unite all services

One link to unite all services

Never again waste time sharing multiple links to your music on each individual service.

Simply paste one link to your music on any major streaming service into and we’ll find the same release across all other services, instantly.

Customise and share your smart link page, allowing your fans to quickly listen to or buy your music on their preferred service.

Customisable links

Fully customisable links automatically finds artwork, videos and metadata related to your release. It also allows you to fully customise your link pages, with custom artwork, descriptions, social media and web links.

Increase conversions

Increase conversions

Track how many people view your links. Increase sales and streaming conversions with beautiful, customised landing pages that direct your audience to the music as quickly as possible.

Get started now is committed to presenting music online in new, interesting and impactful ways. We will be rolling out new features, new technology, new ideas and are working constantly to improve our service in the coming months.

This is currently the free beta version, so sign up today to get ahead of the crowd and don’t forget to let us know what you think!

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Create smart links in seconds

Give us a link to your track or album on any major service, we'll search all other music services for a match and fill in the rest automatically. We'll also grab related artwork and meta info like title and artist name.

Lightning fast

Load times are very important to us and our users. That's why make use of the very latest technology to create link pages that load in milliseconds, even on mobile.

Control over music services

We give you complete control over which services to link to, and in what order they are displayed. Whether you want to link to a select few, or as many as possible - we have you covered.

Customisable link pages

Customise your link page with custom artwork, titles, descriptions, social and web links.

Short links as standard

Long messy links are a thing of the past. All of our links are shortened and social media friendly.

Management and analytics

See how many people clicked your link in real time. Keep track of all the links you have ever created, and edit the details of your link pages at any time.